I’m getting a late start.  Not surprising, and indicative of my experience with blogging.  Good intentions, but not enough consistent follow-through.  Yes, I do read other blogs.  These range from professional to personal interests.  The knitting-focused blogs yarn harlot and purl soho are favorites in the personal interests arena.  Professional blogs I read include Richard Byrne’s blog and the Free Technology for Teachers blogs.  I keep up with these blogs mostly through Twitter posts.  I guess that’s a mini aha-moment for me.  Be sure to use Twitter to help bring readers to it.  And of course that’s my ultimate goal here in the EdublogsClub:  to make blogging a habit and then be in a position that I can Tweet out new blog posts. Time.  Isn’t this the issue that most new bloggers face — how to carve out time for blogging.  I guess my question then is does blogging have to be a daily occurrence to be consistent?  I’d like to know what experienced bloggers do to make blogging part of their consistent practice.



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